US company ready to transform 27 oil blocks

The company EQX Biome, a financial technology company on biodiversity, based in New York, said it was ready to transform 27 oil blocks, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), revealed this Monday in an interview with the ACP, Olivier Ndoole, environmental activist.
According to this environmental activist, this company, which aims at protecting the environment and biodiversity especially in blocks 4 and 5, located in the provinces of Ituri and North Kivu, has already made available at least 400,000 million dollars to be injected into the local economy for the programme to succeed, once the Congolese government accepts the offer.
In addition, this project, once authorised by the Congolese government, would generate in 20 years, 6 billion dollars thanks to the sale of carbon credits and would allow the government to keep its oil in the ground.
Olivier Ndoole, invites the Congolese government to seize this opportunity given that the actual exploitation of oil requires a long time, at least 17 years and technology continues to dictate its nature. And also the exploitation of oil will require not only the relocation of the local or riparian population but also the destruction of the Virunga Park and the animals that live there for the benefit of the multinationals, while the President of the Republic, advocates the people first, he continued.
All exploitation and exploration are prohibited in protected areas, according to the Hydrocarbons Act and the Nature Protection Act.
It will also help reduce unemployment in the DRC, said Me Olier Ndoole, before indicating that this investment in Congolese biodiversity will allow the DRC to protect the rights of indigenous peoples as agreed at the COP 15 held in Montreal, Canada
Our source concludes that initially planned for the end of January, the deadline for the submission of applications for the 27 oil blocks submitted to the call for tender has been pushed back to between April and October 2023. ACP/ANACLET/KMS